Core Values/Outcomes

The Leadership Trust Initiative is based on the following Core Values:

Citizenship requires an individual to be engaged in and with his/her community.

Every person is different with unique qualities and has leadership skills that will benefit the community in which they live.

A community is less than whole until every individual citizen’s leadership capacity is identified, nurtured, expressed, and shared.

Healthy communities consist of healthy individuals and healthy individuals are engaged in the community’s democracy of civil discourse.

A community’s future is directly related to the ability of individual citizens to find creative ways to work together to preserve, protect, and promote community self-determination and sustainability.

The Leadership Trust Initiative is designed to produce the following outcomes:

Invite participants to a deeper awareness of self and a greater awareness of their community and larger world around them.

Encourage participants to discover and nurture their unique individual strengths and abilities and expand their leadership capacity.

Provide participants with resources and practice experiences that will help them utilize their leadership skills and assist others in doing the same.

Challenge participants to expand their understanding of themselves and their community in order to find ways to make the community a better place to live and work.

Help participants explore their creative potential and provide opportunities to express it.

Create opportunities to strengthen social networks by promoting inclusive community collaborations, partnerships, and alliances.

Identify the intersection between self and others and develop strategies to strengthen the community creativity this intersection creates.