About Us

The Leadership Trust Initiative (LTI) is about leaders training leaders. It is about community and area leaders getting together to further their leadership skills and to discover how they can put their efforts to work on improving the community and surrounding area. It is about gaining leadership skills from a community focus.

Leadership isn’t about being out front or being recognized – it is about having the courage to stand up for what a person believes in and have the conviction, determination, and most important of all, the integrity to do what is necessary to secure these same rights and opportunities for all the citizens in our community.

As New Richmond and the surrounding areas grow, the demand for leadership increases. The main outcome of The Leadership Trust Initiative is to develop new leaders for the evolving challenges of a growing region. Funded by a grant from the Otto Bremer Foundation, LTI is designed to provide a two-part intensive leader-development opportunity. The first part is training for a diverse group of community leaders. The second is a follow-up Mentor Training of Trainers Program providing graduates of the Leadership Trust Initiative with the opportunity to share what they have learned with those around them.

LTI is about helping citizens to identify, fulfill, and sustain their capacity as leaders and to contribute to our community’s sustainability and self-determination.